AGRANA in Poland

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AGRANA has five production facilities in Poland, where fruit is processed into products that are later used to make juice, added as ingredients to ice cream and cakes or used for other applications within the dairy industry.

Agrana produces fruit and vegetable preparations for the food industry. We also buy, freeze, sort and prepare fruit and vegetables as materials for the production of fruit and vegetable preparations for use by AGRANA Fruit Polska and its affiliated companies in Europe.

AGRANA Fruit Poland

AGRANA Fruit in Poland

Production site

We have been present on the Polish market since 1992. We were the first company to start producing fruit preparations. During this time we have gained reputation and trust among our customer base. We have been working together with our customers to develop markets for dairy products and launched hundreds of innovative products.



We start selling our products (initially imported from France) on the Polish market


SIAS POLSKA is set up to operate industrial facilities for freezing fruit and the production of fruit preparations


July: We launch production at our facility in the Polish town of Ostrołęka


We purchase a freezer installation in the town of Bielsk Podlaski


We obtain HACCP certification


We get kosher and organic certification


We receive HACCP certification for our freezer installation


We are certified to ISO 22000

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Austria Juice in Poland

Austria Juice in Poland

Production site

AGRANA Juice Poland Sp. z.o.o. is a producer of concentrated juice, natural unclarified juice and frit aromas, apples, cherries, redcurrant, strawberries, and raspberries. The company has its seat in Białobrzegi near Radom, has 3 production plants: in Białobrzegi, Góra Kalwaria and in Lipnik near Sandomierz.


AGRANA Juice Poland was founded on 28.02.2007, from merging of three companies: Wink Polska company with it's seat in Białobrzegi, Polobst company from Góra Kalwaria and Vallo Saft company from Lipnik near Sandomierz.


Jarosław Dybus
Board Member (CEO AGRANA Juice Poland)

Marek Rafalski
Board Member (CFO AGRANA Juice Poland)



We are a market leader in providing solutions in the area of fruit preparations and other food additives. We are proud of what we do. With the reputation gained for the quality of our products and services we have a presence and are known around the world. Our company has a total of 55 plants in different countries. With many years' business experience behind us we are able to offer top quality customer service, which is tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each individual customer.



 We use state-of-the-art processes in our production of fruit preparations. We are also able to offer top quality and safety solutions. Ensuring food safety is our main priority. In practice, this means that a significant proportion of our resources is allocated to improve our systems for the prevention and control of health risks with the use of such measures as:

  •  monitoring of pesticide levels in raw materials,
  • plan for the control of allergens and genetically modified organisms (GMOs),
  • monitoring and control of critical process variables,
  • use of metal detectors,
  • aseptic methods and practices,
  • use of on-site equipment for sterilization.

As a measure to ensure high quality AGRANA Fruit Polska has an HACCP compliant risk monitoring system in place. We also have kosher certification for some of our products. The quality of our products is maintained through the use of appropriate production processes and health and quality standards that are fully in line with international standards. One of our main priorities is focus on customer success and supporting the development of our customer base through innovation and continuous improvement of our products. These efforts are supported by Corporate Quality Control and our Research and Development Departments. Each of our products offers added value, thus allowing our customers to enhance their competitiveness, increase their market share and promote consolidation in their market niches. These are just some of the advantages allowing AGRANA Fruit Polska to enjoy the position of a leading supplier of fruit preparations with the highest ratio for cost-effectiveness on the fruit market.




In order to meet the needs of our customers AGRANA's Department for Research and Development uses the services of specialized research and development centres. This allows us to put into practice new ideas that can be adapted to any formulas or product visual appearance requirements including any specific delivery requirements. AGRANA Fruit Polska also has its local research and development centre. Every month we send some 200 samples there. Orders for such services are completed within 5 days. Our customers are our partners in business. We keep them informed of new growth opportunities. To achieve and share success we organize presentations of new innovative solutions and trends emerging on the market. In this way we manage to keep our customers informed about any new opportunities for growth. With our convenient logistics and transport facilities we are able to deliver our products to any location both in Poland and worldwide. We have extensive logistics experience and good knowledge of the transport market. We work with reliable carriers and are able to provide thorough documentation for logistics processes. Our Sales and Dispatch Department is in constant contact with our transport service providers so that our products can always be delivered on time and shipped under conditions specified by the customer.




Innovation is one of the basic tools that we use to increase our market share. We have our own new product development department. We also use studies and solutions originating from our European Development Department. When new products are launched we help our customers secure a significant market position.




Attention to minute detail in the implementation of our company's processes enables us to produce high-quality fruit preparations. A key factor in relation to these processes is our ability to source top quality fruit. Our highly qualified personnel together with our optimal infrastructure and agricultural consultation and financial support programs offered to fruit growers are some of the tools we use to achieve our goals. We are able to meet our customers' demand for any type of fruit all year round. All fruit delivered to AGRANA Fruit Polska is always perfectly ripe. The industrial process we use at our plants consists of two main stages – freezing and the production of fruit preparations.




AGRANA Fruit Polska employs highly qualified research personnel, professional maintenance staff and experts in various fields. All our employees make every effort to ensure continual improvement of our products and their full compliance with international quality standards. One of the key principles of our policy is our desire to provide continuous training to our personnel so that they can improve their knowledge and skills. As a result of these efforts we are able to achieve better quality and generate added value for our customers and their products.